History of Gilwood Church

The congregation purchased 4.75 acres from Isaiah Deweese on which to build a church. The first church building was a white rectangular frame building with two doors on the front. The men would use one door and the women the other door. It was largely constructed by members of the congregation and dedicated October 23, 1897.

The name, “Gilwood” is a combination of the last names of the first two pastors, Rev. H.G. Gilland and Rev. R.S. Arrowood, who served from 1889-1891.

In 1935 the little white church building was remodeled, more classrooms were added, and the exterior was brick veneered.

Our present Sunday School wing was completed in February 1963 with the first service in the new sanctuary being held November 2, 1969. Our Fellowship Hall was completed in December 1991. The sanctuary was renovated and dedicated on February 13, 2005.

Gilwood - History
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