Chaz Blasdell

Rev. Charles (Chaz) Blasdell


Charles (Chaz) Blasdell was born and raised in northern Virginia.  Throughout his high school and college years he was very active in the church and youth ministry.  Upon graduating from college, he moved to Fredericksburg, Va. where he volunteered as a youth advisor in his new church home where he met his wife Amy.

In 1994, he graduated from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur Ga. He began his ministry as an Associate Pastor for Youth in Michigan where he discovered that God had in fact blessed him with ministry gifts beyond youth. God then led him to Glenn Springs, SC. where he took on his first solo pastor position. After several years, he became enamored by the promise of adventure and opportunities for ministry offered by the Navy as a Chaplain so he joined the Navy Chaplain Corps.

He served as ship’s Chaplain aboard the USS Trenton out of Norfolk, Virginia, and 3rd Marines in Hawaii.  While his time with the Navy was an adventure, he came to realize that a career in the Navy was not what God was calling him to.  His heart still belonged to parish ministry.

After leaving the Navy he served two yoked churches in the mountains of central Pennsylvania for a number of years before family concerns necessitated his return to Fredericksburg, Va. Within two months, God led him to Milden Presbyterian church in the small riverside village of Sharps, Va. where he served as their part-time stated supply.  He greatly enjoyed caring for the wonderful and supportive members of this small but loving congregation.

In the summer of 2019, God led him to Gilwood, where he has found a Christian home and a community of believers that will stand side by side with him as he continues to serve his lord and savior Jesus Christ and bring the gospel to all God’s children.

Chaz and Amy have two sons; Eddie, who is a chief in the Coast Guard and has two children, and Jeff, a truly gifted carpenter who also has two children.

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